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Get moving and packing services online and save your time and money. We can give all that you have to securely pack, move and store your staff.

At Sentinel, we admonish each one of our clients to ensure their belonging are all around squeezed and guaranteed. Do whatever it takes not to keep down on the packaging, using awesome quality cocoa paper, strong 5-Ply High Quality Packing boxes. Packaging bubble wrap and polystyrene chips to secure your things. We will help you to avoid a costly scratched table, a broken floor light or a split level screen TV.

Your belongings are imperative, so using awesome quality squeezing materials and Packing boxes suggests you won?t have to worry over your belonging. When they are ensured and secure in our storeroom.


Storage boxes now at your entryway step. Regardless of whether securing for the short or whole deal. You will be fulfilled you accepted a perfect open door to package your stock accurately, particularly, with respect to emptying them afresh.

Additionally, remember to name everything. When you come to recoup either a couple or most of your benefits. Exact checking will ensure that you will have the ability to discover precisely what you are scanning for, without opening and re-settling heaps of boxes. With clear, brief blemishes on all you?re transportation boxes you will save yourself hours of work and ensuring that the privilege boxes get passed on to the correct objective.

Packing Boxes

Buy Packing Boxes for your staff safely Move. High Quality Moving Boxes with 5 ply thick and hard for long term use. Pack your staff in box and save.

Come to Sentinel, we have all that you require

Is it accurate to say that you are leaving Dubai? Moving or moving your home? Moving into brief convenience, while your home is being re-enlivened or restored? Maybe you are moving to another office, or beginning another business?

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